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Welcome to The Third Strand, your premier and reliable support group in Gahanna, OH and the surrounding area. We provide a variety of services, including sex addiction groups, porn addiction support, anger management, couples therapy, family counseling, inspirational speakers, life coaches and marriage counseling. We have the skill and experience necessary to serve as your full-service professional sex addiction support, offering the highest quality services and customer care in the Gahanna area. We care about you and what you are going through, and stand willing to help whenever you are ready. We are dedicated to helping and supporting people who struggle with sex addictions that have destroyed relationships with others and God. We are here to guide people through a process of regeneration, renewal and reconciliation to bring down the power of sex and porn addiction and the frustration of the personal battle against sin. We offer group accountability and we know what others are going through because we have been there. Our group is free of charge and we are available to listen anytime.

With over five years of experience, our company offers respect, trust, dedication, integrity and a commitment to exceeding the expectations of our clients. We strive to deliver complete client confidentiality for each and every session, providing quality, affordable pricing and excellent client care. 

If you are interested in attending our sex addiction group or if you would like to learn more about what we can do for you, go ahead and contact us at The Third Strand today for more information.


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Sex Addiction Support


Sex addiction can be defined as the compulsive use of sex to deal with uncomfortable feelings and moods. The behavior, besides the immediate sexual gratification, leaves the person feeling guilty…

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Pornography Addiction Support


Our group sessions are made up of many men and women who have suffered from our own addictive behavior. Isolated, alone and afraid, sometimes filled with shame and grief, we…

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